L.A.J. Rammeloo

Fysiologic offers excellent service in the field of pediatric cardiology. Easily accessible for consultation, fast and accurate in diagnostics.

T.M. Hoorntje

Reliable, service-oriented and innovative. An household name in (paediatric) cardiology for more than 40 years. Undisputed quality, willingness to think along, short lines of consultation, a concept in Holter diagnostics and always a careful analysis.

Prof. Dr. A.P.M. Gorgels

I have experience with the firm Fysiologic Services both clinically and scientifically.

Clinically, Fysiologic delivers easy to use, patient friendly, reliable ambulatory registration equipment for heart rhythm registrationsĀ (2 -12-canal Holter, multi-day registration, event recorder). registrationsĀ are of excellent quality.

Also of high quality is the interpretation of the registrations. It can be available at short term and in case of organizational or medical urgency, Fysiologic always reacts fast. The communication of the employees of Fysiologic is characterized by good accessibility and is always adequate and customer friendly.

Als onderzoeker ervaar ik van de zijde van Fysiologic een grote inhoudelijke interesse in de materie en en een proactieve instelling om mee te denken om nieuwe vraagstellingen te helpen beantwoorden. Er is enerzijds veel kennis in huis over electrocardiografie en -fysiologie, in het bijzonder van hartritmestoornissen, en anderzijds veel technische en softwarematige know-how en enthousiasme voor de ontwikkeling van nieuwe en klantspecifieke oplossingen. Er is veel ervaring in de analyse van grote electronische bestanden en een grote bereidheid deze kennis met de onderzoeker te delen.


As a researcher I experience from the side of Fysiologic a great interest in the subject matter and a proactive attitude to think along and to help answer new questions. On the one hand, there is a lot of knowledge on electrocardiography and physiology, especially of cardiac arrhythmias, while on the other hand there is a lot of technical know-how and enthusiasm for the development of new and customer-specific solutions. There is a lot of experience in the analysis of large electronic files and a great willingness to share this knowledge with the researcher.