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Safe, reliable and at a fixed price per analysis


We work on behalf of general practitioners, hospitals and insurers. Anyone who uses ECG as a diagnostic tool professionally can make use of our services. Thanks to our full-service approach and the expertise of our team, we take a lot of the work off the hands of healthcare providers. So that they can fully focus on the patient.

Patient safety and user-friendliness our central tot what we do. We are constantly looking at how we can adapt our working methods to meet these priorities. To achieve this, we are continually developing new products and services that meet the specific needs and desires of our users: patients and and care providers.

Healthcare organisations can outsource their entire ECG process to Fysiologic; a one-stop-shop.

We analyse 12-channel resting ECGs, Holter ECGs (24-, 48- and 72-hour) and Event ECGs.

We work with state-of-the-art analysis software and can analyse data from any recorder on any platform.

In urgent situations, we can send you the results in no time at all, often within 30 minutes.

We charge a fixed fee per analysed ECG and arrange all logistical movements free of charge.

Safety, speed and reliability: that's what we're all about.

The paper diary is a thing of the past: patients can now use our simple the DIARY APP .

A real godsend in these times: Holter-ECG examination at the patient's home with the Holter-at-Home service.

Do you temporarily need extra staff? We can offer skilled personnel to augment your team.


Do you have any questions about our services? Please contact us at + 31 88 0450600 or You can also use the contact form. 



The ECG analysis process is based on a specially developed algorithm. The ECG analysis program compares the individual QRS complexes (heartbeats) with each other. After a manual classification and based on the length of the intervals between the QRS complexes, any possible rhythm and/or conduction disturbances are determined. The algorithm and the supporting software are continually updated according to the latest medical and technological insights.


Fysiologic LEADS Online
In scientific research, certain vectorcardiographic variables, such as the spatial QRS-T angle and the ventricular gradient, have proven very valuable when making risk and prognosis analyses of various pathologies. These variables cannot be calculated with standard ECG equipment. The Fysiologic LEADS program calculates the vectorcardiogram (VCG) based on a standard 12-lead ECG and extracts several vectorcardiographic variables for scientific research. 

Setting up the ECG recorder - ECG Access Online
ECG Access Online is a very user-friendly program that can be installed locally on your computer. With the help of ECG Access Online, the ECG recorder is set up before it is given to a patient. You can do this yourself or we can do it for you. With the help of ECG Access Online, information such as name, date of birth, BSN or patient identification number, the duration of the recording and the number of desired channels are all set correctly in advance.