Remote monitoring of ICDs, Pacemakers and Implantable Loop Recorders for partner Medtronic.

Focus ON

The Fysiologic FocusOn service concept annually provides more than 450,000 remote analyses exclusively for its partner Medtronic. This involves remote care of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs), Pacemakers and Implantable Loop Recorders (ILRs) via the patient's home monitor. The analyses are carried out by a team of medically trained analysts (EHRA/IBHRE, SBHFL). The four-eyes principle is always applied here.

After analysis, the result is sent digitally to the hospital. We work with a customised colour alarm system to get care to the right place quickly. The FocusOn service goes beyond just analyses. For hospitals, we also take care of administrative tasks, such as transferring patients and generating lists of "disconnected" patients. We are directly available during office hours or through Medtronic for all questions about the system, patients and analyses.

Remote care of ICDs, Pacemakers and Implantable Loop Recorders.

More than 450,000 remote analyses per year. Fully digital processing.

Analysis by the Fysiologic ECG expert team (four-eyes principle)


Do you have questions about our FocusOn services? Please contact Maaike Vos via + 31 88 0450600 or You can also use the contact form.